Data Center Integration Services

Having identified the business needs and Information Technology (IT) requirements of the modern firms enterprise, considering criticality, capacity and growth plans, Rivet Engineering Limited develops tailored designs to meet the customer’s needs.

Rivet always tilts her design towards accommodating, but not limited to, the following design and system concepts:

  • Planned layout for the computer room (guided by spaces and the size available)
  • Structural/Civil construction of the Data Centre.
  • Cooling (Air Conditioning: Capacity, Type and Location)
  • High Voltage (HV) Power Supply System
  • Mechanical/Electrical Works
  • Low Voltage (LV) Power Distribution System within the computer room and within equipment racks.
  • Lighting, Emergency Lightings and Signage
  • Access Control, Security and Surveillance systems.
  • Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression System.
  • Integration of the Building Management System (BMS) with other command and monitoring network.
  • Project Management Issues
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Operation and Maintenance


Amongst other things, our ultimate goal is to provide our esteemed clients with not only a world class data centre but also provide them the means and opportunity to avoid waste in all ramification especially in the area of unrequired electricity, space and capital expenditure. The overall desire in our choice of design is also to provide our clients with a standard Data Centre with adequate redundancy devoid of failure, scalable, cost effective with high efficiency and availability.


This is the installation of fire rated false/raised floor System for the equipment room to provide protected and secure cable path and channels for several communication and power cables that terminate in the data centre. The raised floor is an array of 600x600mm core, metal foil base, top panels, supported by heavy duty steel pedestals which are held together by steel stringers.


The cooling of the Data Centre area shall be provided by precision air conditioning system. The proper sizings of the precision air conditioners ensure that servers and other I.T equipments are operating optimally. Proper placement and design shall be put in place to adequately condition the temperature and moisture content of the air in the Data Centre.


This is a specially constructed wall for computer room, which has a fireproof Gypsum board material, covered with beautiful vinyl on the surface, and can withstand up to 1000 degrees of centigrade of heat without any physical burnt. The wall also help to keep the room from excessive external temperature as it forms an insulated envelope around the room thereby preventing heat caused by fire or any other source from getting into the room. The vinyl is a special insulation against the effect of static electric charges on sensitive equipments.


A special type of gas formulated fire defense system based on fm200 Leaves no residue Environmental friendly does not depletes ozone layer Not harmful to human beings Automatic triggering of gas in the event of fire detection Prevent loss of equipment to fire


A special type of electronic lock used to prevent unauthorized entry: They could be Card reader controlled Swipe card controlled Biometrics controlled Pin code controlled


Electrical power supply to the site could be from the PHCN’s 33kV or 11kV (as the case may be) overhead line and shall be supplied to the site through underground or overhead properly sized

cables via transformers.


The data centre should be installed with rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply connected in parallel to supply uninterruptible and clean power supply to all equipment installed within the data centre. Parallel redundant configuration ensures that the failure of a single UPS module does not require that the critical load be transferred to the utility source or dropped.


RIVET also offer the following a part of her complete solution

Earthing installation Surge suppressor installation Lightning Arrestor etc.

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